Who we are

Midwinter Koval.   A merger of Perry's Estate Agents and North Devon Property Letting that created the largest letting agency in the West Country and a dynamic team selling houses..

  • now handling rentals in excess of 500 houses and flats
  • a young team selling houses that wants to be valued by you rather than seen as a necessary evil
  • a team that performs so well that you feel comfortable recommending us to friends and colleagues

Meet the team

Sarah Midwinter
Sarah Midwinter
- Finance Director

is responsible for making sure every body gets paid the right amount at the right time. She spends most of her free time riding on Exmoor with her dogs.

Andrew Koval
- Director

is the Director responsible for overseeing new business. He spends a lot of time playing tennis and also playing bass guitar in a rock band. He is hoping to recapture his lost youth but we are sceptical of his chances of doing that.

David Rolfe
- Director

is the Director responsible for maintaining existing business and overseeing the marketing. He spends his leisure time walking and cycling, that is when he is not in a restaurant with a good meal and a chablis.

Sara Peters
- Office Manager

is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the office. She makes sure that all the administration for new lets is in place, of which there are 10 or 12 a week. She spends her free time eating fruit and being healthy, that is when she is not smoking and drinking.

Bev Curtis
Bev Curtis
- Financial Administrator

is the administrator who makes sure that our landlords and tradesmen get paid. She has recently got married and spends her free time doing up her house and garden.

Rachel Whale
- Administrator

is the administrator who deals with tenancy applications, repairs and advertising. She is also your contact for sales. Recently she has assumed the role of supervising any chocolates or biscuits brought into the office - a job she takes very seriously!